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In recent years, the Bread Baking Machine made its debut in kitchens placing side by side the more classic and used home appliances. Once the bread was made daily, because it represented an essential food that required the use of a few readily available and genuine ingredients at an affordable price. Today make bread at home is back in fashion just for the same reasons.

Anyone who wishes can choose one, purchased at any electronics store. Some models allow both to knead and bake. When one is purchased, the capacity of the basket (max 35 oz) has to be considered.

For sufferers of celiac disease it is necessary to emphasize that if the purchase of the machine is used to prepare gluten-free bread, not all machines do work well. The operation of this machine is electric and allows to prepare pizzas and even tasty cakes.

bread baking machine

Program Your Favorite Bread

It works through several programs that also allow to choose crust browning, to have a clear, medium or dark result depending on personal taste. All ingredients should be poured directly inside the basket, also equipped with electronic scales for the doses. In this way the phase of mixing, and the subsequent leavening can begin.

The last phase instead regards the cooking: if the Bread Baking Machine doesn't have it, it may be carried in a normal oven. In some models the end of each phase can be checked by emitting an audible signal that warns when it's the right moment to add other ingredients (chocolate, olives, raisins or nuts etc.).

Before removing the baked bread from the basket, it's proper to use the special pliers to avoid burns. Beyond the comfort and ease of use, a bit of practice is required. So it's recommended to make bread by hand at least once, to get used to texture, leavening and doses.

Trial and Error

Among the essential tips frequently reported on the various instruction booklets, surely there's the one to never open the cap of the basket when the machine is in the process of leavening, in order that this will stop.

The most common baking mistakes instead relate to the browning of the bread and texture of the crumb. The difference between the bread machine and any domestic oven is given both by the different propagation of the heat and in the fact of not being able to give other shapes to the bread, except that provided by the basket.

However, in recent years the costs have decreased because it has become an increasingly common household appliance. They range from slightly less than 100 dollars up to 500 for the most complicated and professional. Usually with the purchase of the Bread Baking Machine, a number of tools are included, such as different baskets, cookbooks and often also a measuring cup for the doses of ingredients to be used.

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With the introduction of several small appliances, foods like bread machine bread, have become usual on the table of many housewives.

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