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The dough makers are indispensable appliances to mix together the ingredients for a variety of doughs: the one for the pizza to that for the bread, from pastry dough to the cakes.

Its use is very simple: just putting the ingredients in the right doses, and it will take care of all the work, thus saving time and energy.

The capacity of this machine depends on the size of the bowl that is equipped with. Considering that the use of a kneader is not essential in the preparation of many baked goods, its availability in domestic makes work much easier, especially in case of large quantities of dough.

Planetary and More

In the market there are different types of mixers: the "Planetary" one is the most prevalent for home use, small size, ease of use and cost.

The term refers to the planetary movement of the mechanical arm of the mixer which, as a planet rotates on its axis and simultaneously around the center of the basket. It has a stainless steel basket and is equipped with two main accessories, the hook and the leaf. This type of kneader is used in bakery, pizzeria and also in industrial production.

Doughs can be processed both hard and soft, and for this it is a very versatile tool because its use is indicated for the doughs for pizza, bread and biscuits, but also sauces, meringues, mashed potatoes and mayonnaise.

Bake like a Pro

The "Spiral" one is similar to that of the planetary dough makers: body and basket are made of steel. The spiral shaped tool rotates in one direction and it is specifically designed to obtain well blended mixtures , while the basket rotates on itself.

This type of machine is ideal also for kneading very hard doughs due to the mechanical power that the robust spiral is able to impress even at low speeds. These machines are very efficient and suitable for soft doughs such as bread, buns, and piadinas.

The "Fork" Mixer is suitable for any kind of dough, with a prevalence for those hard or medium-hard. The movement that performs does not overheat the ingredients and embeds the right amount of oxygen, making it suitable for more delicate doughs.

Unfortunately mixers are generally very large, expensive and exclusively for professional use although they are ideal for mixing hard doughs for pizza, pasta, bread and other dough. The movement tends to remember the smooth one made by the hands.

The "Twin arm" one, thanks to the independent movement of the two stainless steel arms better simulates the dough made by hand and it's suitable for medium-hard and soft doughs. This system is the best to aerate and oxygenate the dough as much as possible, since kneading tools raise it from the bottom upwards. The Twin arm dough makers are mainly used in pastry and bakery to mix leavened doughs and they're intended for professional use.

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