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Many homemade bread recipes use a different balancing between common ingredients in order to create a new, tasty kind of bread. In this respect, bread is a magic and unique combination of simple ingredients. The preparation technique is not really complicated at all, you'll need just basic and very inexpensively ingredients available at any grocery store.

Homemade bread recipes

First, let's see the equipment needed: obviously a large mixing bowl, preferably in a place warm and draft-free, where you'll mix all the ingredients together. You'll also need a spoon to stir the dough, a scales, one measuring cup to manage the flour, one measuring spoon to manage the oil, one measuring teaspoon to manage sugar and salt quantity. Finally, be sure to get a hand towel to cover the bread dough as it rises, so it doesn’t get drafts or dust on it and it doesn't get dry.

A very important condition to make a great bread is to use the right oven: the best choice is certainly a wood-fired oven, which give the right temperature and a typical flavor to the bread. If you want to use your home oven, you have to try several times in order to find the right cooking temperature.

Enjoy Several Experiments

As regard the ingredients, the basic ones are unbleached white flour, salt, fresh yeast or sourdough or natural yeast, olive oil (optional), sugar or malt (optional), and of course water (preferably mineral water)! It's possible to vary some of the ingredients in order to get a different kind of bread: for example, you can replace the sugar with malt to get a more soft bread, or add some milk if you want to make white sliced bread.

Other kind of homemade bread recipes mix the unbleached white flour with other types, such as manitoba flour, soy flour, whole wheat flour, potato flour, rye flour or millet and rice flour. You can enjoy creating different shapes for your bread: the most common in southern Italy is the "S-shape", a loaf slightly bent to form this letter, along with the classics "Filone" (similar to baguette) and rounded "Pagnotta".

Remember to carve the top of your bread: choose from an oblique, a cross, a square or long one to decorate your creation! However, carving the bread is not just for a matter of aesthetics, but is used to let the loaf swell without breaking during cooking.

Durum wheat bread

Let Your Bread Rise!

One very important aspect is the action of yeast. First, you need to melt it with not too hot water (just warm), or you would somehow block the action of leavening agents with high temperatures. Try to set the dough in your closed oven, in order to prevent drafts.

Finally, if you're aiming to get a particularly soft homemade bread recipe, you'll have to add extra leavening time, letting the dough rise for an additional hour or a little bit more or in some cases even 24 hours or several days in the refrigerator.

And remember ... a good result, that is the bread you like, depends on you, not on the recipe. It comes from your patience and will to experiment and build experience.

Italian Bread Recipes

Apple Bread Recipe - Small Moments of Sweetness

One of the most appreciated specialities of Italian city Vigevano is the Apple Bread recipe, better known as "fiassin di pum".

Sourdough Bread Recipe - Be A Baker At Home!

It's time to make a delicious homemade bread, so let's try with a sourdough bread recipe!

Zucchini Bread Recipe - Spicy and Delicious

Italian gastronomic culture boasts several Zucchini Bread recipes, definitively one of the best matching between bread and vegetables.

Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Gluten free bread recipe is very good for people with celiac disease, who cannot eat this protein found in wheat, without incurring any health problems.

Ciabatta Bread Recipe - Crispy Outside, Soft Inside

Ciabatta bread recipe is characterized by a high-hydration dough: it starts with a yeast full of water called poolish serving as the basis for a second dough later.

Potato Bread Recipe - The Softness Of Italian Bread

The Italian potato bread recipe offers the possibility to make a type of very smooth bread but with a crunchy crust.

Easter Bread Recipe - Taste Your Holidays

Easter Bread Recipe has its origins in ancient times. On the night of Holy Saturday, several bakeries worked for baking a braided bread that would later be eaten during lunch of Easter Sunday.

Corn Bread Recipe from Italy - A Different Taste

Corn bread recipe is not unique. Indeed, several variations exist all over the world. Here's an Italian recipe.

Cheese Bread Recipe - Say Cheeeeese to Bread

Cheese bread recipe is one of the most appreciated in Italy: Italians really love combining flavors of bread and the countless quantity of different cheeses available.

Easy Garlic Bread Recipe - The Bread, The Taste!

Easy garlic bread recipe is traditional and very easy to do. This kind of bread is very tasty and perfect for accompanying soups, salads, grill and also as apetizer.

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