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A homemade grain mill is the ideal thing for homemade bread and all-natural cooking lovers. Just get a small mill for domestic use (a stone like the old ones, electric or manual), now for sale on internet and in some specialty stores, in order to obtain very finest flours, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, germ and other bio-nutritive important substances.

It's even useful to make only a quantity which is needed on the moment, having a product that is always fresh and genuine. So every time bread recipes will be different. The self-production of food and foodstuffs is a solution that saves money and reduces environmental impact of trade and transport. It can also be applied to flour with which Italian bread and cakes are produced at home.

Sometimes we think we haven't time for self-production, but just experiment a bit to realize how pleasant and not too hard is to produce food and raw materials at home.

Even the flour is a very simple production, possessing a small mill at home, a wooden container in which to pass the seeds to grind and get the favorite flour.

Be Genuine, Be Safe

In addition to environmental reasons, it may need it for the presence of specific allergies, illnesses or intolerances into the family. The nice thing about doing a homemade grain mill is the production of mixed flours and grains, resulting in unique blends that can be improved from time to time. Then, the flour produced at home is integral, full of vitamins and fibers present in the seeds.

Also in cases of unreliable producers, flour are added to products against mold to prevent spoiling while they are still on the shelves.

Sometimes the grain comes from far away for economic reasons and grinding the flour in the house, the true origin of the food will be clear. Starting to produce flour at home means possibility to make it in small quantities or store it in airtight containers or bowls.

Not Only Grain

In addition to wheat flour, many other types of flour can be produced at home without going to buy them in stores, such as "rice flour", which is produced fast by putting the rice in the grinder and blending it all, obtaining a very fine powder useful for kids meals, or "almond flour", used for cakes or pies using the same procedure as for bread recipe.

Then "soybean flour", using it in place of the classical flour made with a homemade grain mill, or to make a good soy butter. So even "chestnut flour" (to make the typical "castagnaccio"), "spelt flour", "millet flour" and "quinoa flour" for delicious dishes and exotic tastes.

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