Italian Stuffed Bread - The
Wonderful All-In-One

Italian stuffed bread is the best mix of Italian food culture, all in one place. While bread is still tasty by itself, Italian people use to eat it accompanied by other food like salami, cheese or other ingredients. So, the idea is: why not directly creating a new recipe with bread and all these condiments in one, huge dish?

It can be made with three basic doughs: the classic bread-one, the pizza one (adding oil and brewery's yeast), or rustic-brioche (adding eggs, milk and butter to the dough). The latter is the ideal kind of base for a sweet stuffed bread.

Italians don't lack of inventive, especially in cuisine, and there are hundreds of variants of stuffed bread from any of the country's twenty regions. It doesn't matter if the chosen filling is salted or sweet, the most important aspect of this kind of bread is its final taste. So take a look at your pantry and mix together all your favorite Italian ingredients to create the ultimate stuffed bread.

A Closer Look Inside

This recipe, also known in Italy as "Rotolo farcito", is usually filled with an inevitable, basic ingredient: cheese. Choose from mozzarella to Parmigiano, from grated to sliced: there are several variants of usable cheese in order to make a good salted stuffed bread. Just make sure not to spare with the amount of cheese and remember: more is better !

In addition, you can really use whatever you might like in: regarding vegetables, try to start from mushrooms to olives, from onions to tomatoes, from peppers to eggplants.

You can easily make a vegetarian Italian stuffed bread without adding anything else than vegetables, or you can try to create a good mix by adding some kind of meat.

Just an Appetizer?

The most used are certainly salamis like sliced "Prosciutto Cotto" or "Prosciutto Crudo" (ham), "Mortadella", "Salame Napoletano" or "Salame Milanese", or sausages like "Salsiccia" and wurstels. The mix can be filled with sauces like ketchup or mustard.

This kind of bread is most used in Italy as an appetizer, but Italians use to make this stuffed bread as an all-in-one meal especially during holidays like Easter.

If salted is not in your mood, you can always try to make a sweet experiment by adding chocolate, cream or jam to the dough, sprinkling pearl sugar or egg white to the top or, why not, by filling it with ice cream.

There's no rule about what and how many ingredients are advised in order to make a great recipe. Just free your imagination and put together all your favorite flavors to create your own unique kind of Italian-like stuffed bread.

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