Mouthwatering Italian Bread For Passionate Home Bakers

A slice of Italian bread baked in a wood oven with crude olive oil, aromatic herbs and a glass of wine. Can you think of a more delicious meal ?

Italian bread - Ciabatta

Hello! My name is Massimo and I am your host on this website. Yes, that's me holding the bread basket. I come from Italy and like many of my countrymen, I love cooking. And that's no surprise since Italian cuisine has so much to offer.

Mouthwatering recipes are always just around the corner, wherever you are in Italy. And if you travel one hour by car you will find a completely different agriculture, different products, different habits and thus, different recipes. Many ingredients are not even found in supermarkets. You can only buy them locally.

Don't want to cook ? Then go to the village restaurant. Chances are, they serve dishes you won't find anywhere else.

So Many Different Breads

Italian bread is like pasta at the heart of Italian kitchen. Researchers estimate there are 250 different kinds of bread in Italy, but it could be even more.

Italian sandwiches

Of course, the main ingredients don't differ much. Almost everyone uses flour, yeast, salt and water, but the techniques to prepare the bread are rarely the same. Additional ingredients add to the flavor. And so the outcome always holds a surprise.

Many bakers follow ancient traditions and take pride in using natural ingredients only. And of course, bread goes nicely with many other foods, making it possible to prepare irresistible sandwiches. Olive oil, wine, vegetables, sausages, ham, cheese, salmon... The list is endless.

Join Me

I'm not a professional baker. This allows me to try and bake many different varieties without having to worry about income. Throughout the years I have made many Italians breads and now I would like to share my passion with you.

Italian homemade bread

This website is for anyone who wants to bake delicious bread, following ancient Italian recipes and traditions, using the best ingredients. You will find bread recipes here, but also sandwich recipies and lots of other interesting information about this unique food that is so popular around the world. Think ingredients, kitchenware and more. I also invite you to share YOUR knowledge and recipes.

Let's build the most mouthwatering Italian bread website you can imagine!

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